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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Off Page Optimization

Steps Involved in Offpage Optimization are,
  1. Directory Submission
  2. Social Bookmarking Submission
  3. Blog Posting
  4. Blog Hosting
  5. Article Submission
  6. Press Release Submissions
  7. Forum Posting
  8. Affiliate Marketing
  9. Blog Commenting
  10. Rss Feed Submission
  11. Video Submission
  12. Profile Creation
  13. Social Media Optimization
there are some other steps also there i share here what ever i found search for some other also

I heared one Blind man Story related to SEO.I would like to share that story with you.

One day four blind mans are walking along the road.In that way one elephant came they touch the elephant.
The first Blind man touch the legs of the elephant and he told it's like a piller,second one touch the trunck of the elephant and he told this is also like a piller,third one touches the body of the elephant and he said it's a rock,fourth one touches the ears and he said it's like a hand fan.

I know you people are thinking why i include this story? what is the relation between this story and SEO?

Some people will think Backlink is important for SEO,some will think Good content is important so it may vary accoring to the point of view of the people...But every think is important to get good and first rank in google.


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